Fine art

At first I graduated as BA – youthworker. After working for a long time I decided to go tot the academy of Art. When I graduated from the Willem de Kooning art academy I worked as a teacher, to teach art, at first. But I love to work as a free artist to reveal beautiful things. So I choose to make beautiful art and jewelry. I live and work in the coolest city of the Netherlands: Rotterdam, where I have my tiny studio in our backyard.


Margreet Ledelay, my first name is really Dutch, my last name is Indonesian (originally it is written as Lede Lay). Married with my lovely best friend since 1992 and together we have 3 beautiful creative children, already grown ups now. I love to do good things for my “Rotterdam creative community”.  l’m inspired by my Indonesian roots and nature and I love people!

Curriculum Vitae

working as a entrepreneur at  Artstude/Margreet Ledelay

Born: September 1th 1970 Rilland, the Netherlands

Margreet Ledelay live and work in Rotterdam

2006 t/m 2010 Willem de Kooning, academie -art teacher, Bachelor of Arts – Rotterdam

1989 t/m 1992 Gereformeerde Hogeschool Youthwork Bachelor, Zwolle


Tekenkabinet Museum Waterland 2013

Tekenkabinet  Amsterdam 2013

Natuurtalent Circle Gallery 2010 Amsterdam

Online auction  December 2010: “140 hours”

“Aanstormend talent” podium 0950 2010 Rotterdam

Flevofestival 2010 Bussloo

De Krooning 2010 Las Palmas II Rotterdam

Galerie & Paviljoen van Starkenborgh “Een bank en een gedicht” 2010 Groningen

Kumpulan Bronbeek Arnhem 2009


Teacher (highschool) VMBO 2e leerjaar aan het Gereformeerd Scholengemeenschap Randstad 2006 t/m 2010

Entrepreneur teachings freelance 2010 until now



Margreet Ledelay  (drawings)        ISBN 978-1-4457-6571-6