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What is your first memory of jewelry or an art object? My first memory was my charm bracelet I got from my parents. Every birthday I was allowed to choose a new charm. I remember so well how excited I was as a child, looking forward to the next charm. And how each special event was sealed and symbolized with this great gift. My first memory of art was my visit at an art exhibition of a Dutch painter, who was an old friend of our family. My parents bought a painting that day and it is still hanging in their living room. Love to hear your memories, please do comment. Does art and   jewelry gives you also so much joy?  It gave me a lot of hope, love, happiness and peace.Margreet Ledelay bedelarmbandje

Hope, love, happiness and peace

No doubt you want more of these in your world. Me too! Consequently  in everything I design I want to create a better world. Good for the environment and it’s inhabitants. Don’t you want to take your responsibility too? My choice to take this step, with my art collection, is to give you a voice. So you can receive hope from my designs and art and transmit this hope to others. You can make responsible choices and contribute to a better world in an elegant stylish way. Therefore my designs are elegant and stylish and tell the world something. A reminder of hope and light, besides that they are beautiful works of art!

Do you want to be light


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I’m always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other artists. I’m already involved in a large network of gifted artists.Together we unite to make this world a better place. I contribute not less than 10% of my profit and time to charity. 

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